Gas Detection

IFS have been supplying, installing and maintaining Gas Detection Systems since its inception. We provide and install market recognised products such as Gas Analysers, Gas Detectors, Gas Monitors, Toxic Gas Meters, and fixed / installed continuous Gas Monitoring Systems.  All Gas Detection Systems comply with the requirements of the latest national and international standards i.e. SANS/ISO. Although we use GfG products, IFS is in a position to use any available products to suit customer’s requirements. GfG is a German manufactured Gas Detection and Monitoring equipment range of quality products.

IFS has the expertise to provide the most cost-effective solution to protect your business, your staff and your assets from the effects of an inadvertent exposure to toxic, corrosive, inert explosive or oxidizing gases. We also provide a consultancy service to our client base as part of our standard offering whereby input is provided on the number of sensors required, the placement thereof, extraction ducting, alarms i.e. a full engineering package


IFS provide diverse solutions for explosive, toxic, and oxygen Gas Detection in air.  In a variety of applications and industries (e.g. automotive, chemical industries, public utilities, landfills, hospitals, fire and civil protection, mining, energy supply, food processing, shipping, steel industry, agriculture, research institutes and universities, etc.) where the protection of life and property is essential.

Gas Detection types include Ammonia (NH3), Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen (H2), Chlorine (Cl), Ethylene Oxide (C2H40), Carbon Monoxide (CO) Hydrocarbon(s) Broad Based.


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