Evacuation and Emergency Communication Systems

The Evacuation and Emergency Communication Systems are used to alert all relevant people with regards to the need to evacuate facilities or inform people of an emergency unfolding; and also to offer the capability to communicate with any occupants, as quickly as possible.

We provide both Emergency / PA (Public Address) and Voice Evacuation Systems to support timely, safe and compliant evacuation procedures. This is done in different ways, Through tradiontal Bell, Electronic Sounder, recorded voice or messages or live microphone transmissions as part of an Emergency Alarm Program. As part of Audible Evacuation, our systems can incorporate Emergency Exit Lighting plus visual and tactile products to assist hearing impaired, escape any fire emergency situation.

IFS has installed various Evacuation Systems according to client specification, as independent systems or as part of the greater Fire Detection and Suppression/ Evacuation Systems.

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