CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems are made up of cameras, transmission and recording systems which are primarily used for Security and Surveillance applications.  The different operating conditions require that the correct technology be selected so that the purpose of the application is met. 

CCTV is a critical and key component of a security tool, not only for security requirements but as a day to day management tool to observe and monitor any environment. CCTV has the potential to reduce wrong doing, crime and manpower costs and improve efficiencies. Shrinkage will be considerably reduced with the introduction of a CCTV System. CCTV camera applications can be used in commercial, industrial, manufacturing and domestic environments.   


IFS offers different products for different applications:

Face and number plate recognition cameras
These are applicable where facial or number plate recognition is important and can be used in high risk areas like Shopping centres.   

Infra-Red (multi focal) Cameras
These cameras are suitable for day and night viewing, specifically in poor and varying light conditions.

IP Cameras
These cameras allow connection through an existing LAN network, with the restriction of only allowing authorised users to view footage.

IFS has been involved in a number of projects requiring the installation of client specified CCTV Systems that are designed to meet their operational requirements.

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